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Without compromising performance, the RUSH is our best answer to the demands of cycling and all sports combining endurance and speed. Its perfectly ventilated screen has been designed to offer a maximum lateral and vertical field of vision, ensuring a clear view in all positions.

Advantages :

  • Perfectly ventilated screen
  • Exceptional field of vision
  • Total comfort

Technical characteristics :

  • Photochromic lens ranging from category 1 to category 3: darkens or brightens depending on the light. Ideal for trail running and mountain biking.
  • Anti-fog treatment on the inside and oleophobic treatment on the outside.
  • 3D Fit Nose: With its wings that can be adjusted in all angles, the glasses adapt to all types of nose to offer a perfect fit in all circumstances.
  • Flex³ temples: Armed temples adjustable on 3 axes (lateral, vertical, length) thanks to 3 precise adjustment zones (temples, curve, ears). Unlimited adjustable support and comfort, and compatibility with all helmets on the market.
  • Grip Tech temples: Exclusive soft material on the temples, non-stick to the hair, ensuring absolute support and comfort.
  • Comfort Fit with Helmet: Stems designed to ensure a good fit and comfort even with a helmet.
  • Panoramic Lens : Large lens surface for maximum field of vision.
  • Full Venting: Very ventilated structure of the goggle allowing a total circulation of air that prevents fogging.

Details :

  • Gauge (mm): 136
  • Hinges: No
  • Base: 6
  • Temple length (mm): 130
  • Distance (mm): 14
  • Lens height (mm): 50
  • Weight: 38 g
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