Bike Services in Vancouver

W4th location is currently taking repair bikes with or without appointments. 

UBC location is currently taking repair bikes by appointments only.  Flat repairs can be done as a walk in service without appointment.  Please call 604-558-1528 to book your appointment.


More Bikes has a passion for cycling, no matter the discipline or style of bike. When someone is passionate about something they love, such as cycling, the level of service they provide exceeds above average standards. At more bikes we love all disciplines of cycling! We feel your bike should receive the best care and service a rider could ask for.

In basic terms, we go by the virtue treat all bicycles as you want your bike to be treated.

Services Provided by More Bike

Basic Tune: Price: $79.99

A basic tune covers pretty much all the most important aspects of how your bike functions.

Gears, shifters, derailleurs, brakes, bolts, grease, safety check and test ride.

Medium Tune: Price: $129.99

A medium tune is one of our more popular services. It's a tune for those who want their bike to be at its peak performance. Our light tune is very detailed and the medium tune adds a big upgrade by truing wheels and an in-depth bike cleaning. Another benefit to going to our medium tune is if any brake, cable or shifter parts need to be replaced you won’t be charged an extra labor fee. Some items are not included in that extra benefit in which the mechanic will notify you ahead of time.
Wheel true, drivetrain cleaning, gears, shifters, derailleurs, brakes, bolts, grease, and safety check.

Also includes the labour for installation of brake pads, cassette, chain, cables, and housing.

Full Overhault/Rebuild Tune: $349-$499

A full rebuild is exactly how it sounds. We take your entire bike apart, clean it and service it and put it back together one piece at a time. Labour for installation of new parts is also included.