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Appointments are to schedule the time of drop off only.

Basic Tune: Price: $129.99

A basic tune covers pretty much all the most important aspects of how your bike functions.

The following services are included in the basic tune-up service

  • Quick wipe Down of the bike
  • FR and RR gear adjustments
  • FR & RR brake adjustments
  • Check torque on all nuts and bolts for safety
  • Oiling chain 
  • Inflating air on tires
  • Housing, cables and brake pads  installation discounted in the service package
  • Test ride

Medium Tune: Price: $169.99 

A medium tune is one of our more popular services. It's a tune for those who want their bike to be at its peak performance. 

The following are services included in the medium tune-up service:

  • All services included in the Basic Tune-Up
  • Drive train cleaning
  • Basic wheel true on the bike (if the wheel needs to be taken off to be placed on the truing stand, a separate charge will be applied)
  • Installation of brake pads, chain, cassette, cable and housing (parts are extra)

Full Overhaul/Rebuild Tune: $399 - $599

A full rebuild is exactly how it sounds. We take your entire bike apart, clean it and service it and put it back together one piece at a time. Labour for the installation of new parts is also included. Parts are extra.

* Please wash your bike before you bring the bike in.  If the bike is dirty, More Bikes is more than happy to wash your bike for a fee before our staff starts working on it.  

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