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More Bikes is growing and we are always hiring.

More Bikes is looking Full Time, Part Time or Seasonal workers. We pay a competitive hourly wage depending on your qualifications. 

We are a family owned bike shop. Our reputation is built on our friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable services. We don't discriminate between novice and experienced riders.  We have job openings in the following locations.

Manager - Sales/Service
Position Available
Position Available
Manager - Service
Position Available
Sales Rep/Mechanic 
Position Available
Position Available
Mechanic - Senior (Full Time)
Position Available
Position Available
Mechanic - Junior (Full Time & Seasonal)
Position Available
Position Available
Inventory Control (Full Time) NA NA


If you obtain the following qualifications, please forward a cover letter (explaining why you want to work in a bike shop), the position you are interested in and your resume to us.

1. You are PASSIONATE about biking.
2. You are ATTENTIVE to customers wants and needs as soon as they walk into the door.
3. You are a TEAM PLAYER. (You help other co-workers when they are busy and you are not).
4. You are a QUICK LEARNER and find all bike related products interesting.
5. You WORK HARD during work hours & RIDE HARD during off-work hours.
6. You thrive in a fast-paced environment by working EFFICIENTLY.
7. You can MULTI-TASK by dealing with multiple customers at the same time.

Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

Please forward your cover letter and resume by e-mail to

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