Traversing the Trails: The Epic Journey of Rocky Mountain Bikes in Canada

Traversing the Trails: The Epic Journey of Rocky Mountain Bikes in Canada

From the rugged peaks of British Columbia to the sprawling landscapes of Canada, the story of Rocky Mountain Bikes is a tale woven with adventure, innovation, and a profound passion for the great outdoors. At, we're honored to be part of this enduring legacy, offering cyclists in Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, and beyond access to one of Canada's most celebrated bike brands. Join us as we delve deeper into the history of Rocky Mountain Bikes, exploring how this brand has become a symbol of Canadian cycling excellence.

Rocky Mountain Bikes at More Bikes Vancouver

The Birth of a Legend

It all started in the early 1980s in Vancouver, British Columbia. A group of avid cyclists, bored with the limitations of road bikes and fueled by a shared obsession for riding, embarked on a mission. They were determined to create a mountain bike capable of handling Canada's diverse and challenging terrains. These pioneers envisioned bikes that were not just modes of transportation but embodiments of the adventurous Canadian spirit. This vision led to the birth of Rocky Mountain Bikes, marking a revolutionary shift in the cycling world.

Pioneering the Path

Rocky Mountain Bikes swiftly stood out by pioneering advancements in mountain biking technology. They were at the forefront of integrating high-performance materials and innovative designs, tailoring them specifically to meet the demands of mountain biking. This relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation quickly put Rocky Mountain on the map, endearing them to Canada's burgeoning cycling community.

A Legacy of Innovation and Adventure

Through the years, Rocky Mountain Bikes has consistently redefined the boundaries of biking. They've introduced groundbreaking suspension systems that transformed the riding experience and delved into the realm of electric bikes, ensuring that their machines are as cutting-edge as they are reliable. Each bike is crafted not just as a tool for exploration but as a companion in every adventure, earning the trust of professional athletes and recreational riders alike.

Rocky Mountain and A Partnership for the Trails

At, we share Rocky Mountain's dedication to quality, performance, and the sheer joy of cycling. That's why we proudly carry Rocky Mountain Bikes, catering to the diverse needs of cyclists across British Columbia and Canada. Whether you're navigating the technical trails of Squamish, enjoying the scenic beauty of Whistler, or exploring the vibrant streets of Vancouver, a Rocky Mountain bike is your ticket to unparalleled performance and reliability.

Our More Bikes bike shops in Kitsilano, UBC, and West Vancouver are not just retail spaces; they are gateways to the thrilling world of cycling. And if you're looking for guidance or expert advice, our team of passionate cyclists is just a phone call away at 778-379-9168.

The Road Ahead

The journey with Rocky Mountain Bikes continues to unfold. As we embrace the future, we at are thrilled to be part of this adventure, bringing the pinnacle of Canadian cycling to your doorstep. Visit us at to explore our selection of Rocky Mountain Bikes and join a community as passionate about pushing limits and exploring new trails as you are.

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