Riding High with Chromag: A Decade of Dirt, Grit, and Gear at MoreBikes.ca

Riding High with Chromag: A Decade of Dirt, Grit, and Gear at MoreBikes.ca

Since swinging open our doors in 2012, MoreBikes.ca and Chromag have been like peanut butter and jelly—different but better together, especially when it comes to conquering the trails. Chromag, with its roots deeply embedded in the rich soil of British Columbia, has been outfitting our adventures and misadventures on Cypress Mountain and beyond, proving that when it comes to mountain biking, the right gear makes all the difference.

Handmade Chromag Bikes sold at MoreBikes.ca Vancouver

Crafted in Canada, Conquered Worldwide

Chromag's story is one of passion, precision, and a little bit of magic. With a mission as clear as the North Shore skies—designing and building the kind of biking gear they'd want to use—Chromag has been setting the standard for what it means to ride in style and substance. And let's face it, who wouldn't want their bike decked out in gear that's been CNC machined by the wizards at North Shore Billet, or hand-welded by the legendary Mike Truelove in Squamish? It's like wearing a bespoke suit, but for shredding trails.

Sustainability: The Chromag Way

In an age where 'recycle' is a buzzword, Chromag has been living the dream long before it was cool. From merino wool jerseys that could probably win a sustainability award (if they haven't already) to packaging that's more cardboard than plastic, Chromag isn't just about building great bike parts; it's about preserving the playground we call home. And let's not even get started on the "heat of sorption" – sounds like a spell, but it's just science making our rides cooler, quite literally.

The Bear Essentials

Ah, the Chromag bear—more iconic than a celebrity on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and with a backstory that involves swiping at planes. If that doesn't scream "mountain biking rebel," we don't know what does. It's a symbol of the wild, untamed spirit that drives every Chromag piece, from the Arcturian to the Doctahawk. And yes, they're as cool as they sound.

MoreBikes.ca & Chromag: A Match Made on the Mountain

We at MoreBikes.ca have been proud peddlers of Chromag's gear since day one. Our shop floors have seen more Chromag parts than we've had hot dinners—and we're talking a decade of dinners here. Our team rides Chromag because, like you, we live for the thrill of the ride and the gear that gets us there.

From after-work rides that we swear are just "one bottle" adventures to the infamous Friday missions, Chromag has been with us every pedal of the way. And while we can't promise that Chromag gear will make you immune to the occasional tumble or that unexpected splash of mud (it's a feature, not a bug), we can guarantee it'll make every ride epic.

Join the Ride

So, whether you're a seasoned pro or someone who thinks a hardtail is a new type of craft beer, we've got something for you. Drop by MoreBikes.ca or swing by our shop—the closest one to Cypress Mountain, because we know all too well the "oh no, I forgot my..." panic—and let's make your mountain biking dreams a Chromag reality.

Remember, in the world of mountain biking, Chromag and MoreBikes.ca aren't just a brand and a bike shop; we're a lifestyle. And as for Matty Richard, let's just say, he's better on two wheels than on skis.

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