Leatt Airflex Pro knee pad featuring 3D impact protection, available for mountain bikers at MoreBikes.ca for superior safety and comfort on the trails.

Review: Knee Nirvana Awaits with Leatt Airflex Pro: The Pedal-Lover’s Armor!

Feeling like a cautious knight ready for battle but itching for the comfort of your old sweatpants? The Leatt Airflex Pro is your gallant protector in the treacherous world of mountain biking. With a fit that’s snug, these knee pads blend the art of not-falling with the science of "Wow, I forgot I was wearing pads!"

Leatt Airflex Pro knee pad featuring 3D impact protection, available for mountain bikers at MoreBikes.ca for superior safety and comfort on the trails.

Top Pick Award: Because they are light, they stay in place especially during a knee dragger, and they last.

Price: One hundred and thirty-nine bones to save your precious patellas? A small price for priceless knees.

Manufacturer: Leatt – the Da Vincis of knee pad design.

Overall Score: 90/100 – Because nobody's perfect, but your knees don't need to know that.

Our Verdict:

Straddling the middle ground like a politician, the Leatt Airflex Pro is the knee pad for every occasion. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of protection – if Swiss Army knives also came with a comfy recliner. These pads boast a 3D molded rubbery party on the front that gets tough on impact. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your knees, ready to take a hit so you don’t have to.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Protection: Positioned like chess pieces ready for the battle.
  • Fit: Dialled in pefectly.
  • Price: Won't cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Pedal-friendliness: Like your knees made friends with a basket of kittens. 

Reasons to Avoid:

  • A tad clammy: Like a handshake from a nervous squid.

Performance Comparison:

Imagine your knee pads taking a school exam. Well, the Airflex Pro just graduated with honors in Protection, Pedal Friendliness, and Fit. They’re like the kid who's good at sports and aced the SATs.

Protection: 9/10 – Because the energy is dispersed rapidly, they bring down the shock of impact drastically and do it all while being light as a feather?

Fit and Comfort: 9/10 – Like a gentle knee embrace from a cloud.

Pedal Friendliness: 9.5/10 – Your knees will want to take these pads out to dinner.

Ventilation and Breathability: 8/10 – They do get a tad warm but compared to other bulkier sleeved pads they are worlds above the competition. 

Durability: Durable as a legend, these Leatt Airflex Pro Knee Pads score a solid 9/10 on the 'survive-the-apocalypse' scale. After two adrenaline-packed years of mountain biking and ski shenanigans with Matt from MoreBikes.ca, they've earned their stripes. Sure, there's a tiny battle scar – a small tear behind the calf on the right sleeve – but it's just a badge of honor. The fit? Still as perfect as the day they left the shop, hugging my knees like a long-lost friend.

Picture this: me, barreling down Mount Seymour's notorious Severed D, dancing the cedar tree tango with a side of airborne acrobatics, and my knees? They didn't even flinch. The helmet, though – it went on to meet the Bike Gear Hall of Fame, making the ultimate sacrifice so my brain didn't have to. Going over the bars on a steep descent is like an impromptu audition for a flight without a plane. But hey, I soared, I saw, I crashed – and thanks to these knee pads, I conquered and was able to ride again the very next day.

And just when you thought these pads had seen it all, they took on the role of shin guards at my CrossFit gym. Rope climbs? THE ROPE BURN. Those ropes had nothing on my Leatt armored shins. Even though they weren't designed to be worn around the shin they worked great. No more rope burns that sting worse than peeing on a jellyfish sting (don't do that by the way). So whether it's whizzing down a trail or scaling ropes like a ninja warrior, my knees and shins have been living the high life, wrapped in the cushy, durable embrace of Leatt's finest."

The Nitty-Gritty:

Leatt has waved their magic wand and turned the Airflex Pro into a protective yet breathable wonder. Updated armor? Check. Pads more flexible than a yoga instructor? Double-check. Ready for a climb or a downhill daredevilry? You bet.

The Punchline:

After all this tech talk, if you still feel like you're wrestling an octopus into a bag when fitting your knee pads, maybe it's time to let the pros take over. Pop into MoreBikes.ca, and let us fit you with knee pads that'll make you feel "strong like horse". 

Feeling inspired by the knee-saving escapades with the Leatt Airflex Pro Knee Pads? Well, hold onto your handlebars because MoreBikes.ca is your treasure chest of Leatt armor! From the sleek AIRFLEX PRO KNEE GUARD to the fortress-like KNEE & SHIN GUARD 3.0 EXT, we've got the gear to shield every inch of your adrenaline-seeking self.

But wait, there's more! The AIRFLEX KNEE GUARD HYBRID PRO and the KNEE & SHIN GUARD DUAL AXIS stand guard against the most treacherous of terrains. Prefer something with a softer touch that still packs a punch? The KNEE GUARD HYBRID 3DF and KNEE GUARD 3DF 6.0 blend comfort with solid defense so you can ride hard and fall soft. We have a huge selection of knee pads to chose from. 

Top it off with a Leatt half-shell or full-face helmet because, let's face it, our brains are worth it. And for the neck? The LEATT NECK BRACE DBX 3.5 is like having a personal bodyguard for your spine. To complete your suit of armor, slip into Leatt's riding pants and jerseys - they're like the haute couture of the dirt track.

So whether you're jumping canyons or conquering trails, MoreBikes.ca is your one-stop shop for all things Leatt. Gear up with us, and become the invincible rider you were meant to be - or at least look the part while trying!"

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