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Giant Bicycles & High-Quality Rides Without Breaking the Bank (Or Your Piggy Bank)

How much do you love the thrill of riding, feeling the wind in your hair, and the challenging North Shore trails under your wheels? Now, how much do you love all that without having to sell a kidney to afford it? Welcome to the world of Giant Bicycles and, where premium meets affordability, and your bank account can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Volume: The Secret Sauce

The secret to getting top-notch bikes without the eye-watering price tag? Volume, baby. Giant doesn't just dip its toes into the bike manufacturing pool; it dives in headfirst. By buying in major volume, they're able to keep costs down without compromising on quality. It's like buying toilet paper in bulk, but instead of toilet paper, it's high-tech bike components.

Design: No Cookie-Cutter Bikes Here

While some brands might pick a generic off-the-shelf bike, slap some paint on it, and call it a day, Giant's design team puts in the work. Every curve of carbon and swoop of hydroformed aluminum is meticulously planned by people who probably dream in bike schematics. And the result? Bikes that are as beautiful as they are functional, designed for the rider who wants it all—without spending it all.

Warranty: Like a Warm Security Blanket

Giant's warranties are the stuff of legends. They're so good, you'd think they were crafted by a team of fairy godmothers. In the rare event something goes wrong, you're covered. It's like having a safety net made of carbon fiber – lightweight, strong, and reassuringly there.

Riding the Giants of the Trails

From the technical descents of Mount Fromme to the breathtaking views of Mount Seymour, Cypress Mountain, the dirt artistry of Squamish, Eagle Mountain's challenges, the world-renowned trails of Whistler and Pemberton, all the way to the rugged beauty of Vancouver Island—Giant bikes and have you covered. Our bikes are engineered to tackle everything these legendary locations throw at them, with money left over for a post-ride beer (or two, or 5)

Crafting Frames: A Giant Endeavour

Giant isn't just playing in the big leagues; they're setting the rules, especially when it comes to manufacturing. Known for their pioneering work with carbon frames, Giant takes raw fibers and weaves them into your future ride, in-house. But the plot thickens with aluminum. At their Giant Light Metal facility, they're smelting, casting, and extruding their own alloys. This isn't outsourcing; it's outright owning the process.

When it comes to aluminum, remember, you're not choosing the budget option; you're selecting the smart, rugged, and "I-can-handle-anything" option. It's like choosing a loyal Labrador over a high-maintenance show dog. Sure, you might be pushing a few extra pounds up the hill, but think of the muscles you'll build! Your Giant Partner

At, we're proud to partner with Giant, bringing these engineering marvels to riders across British Columbia and beyond. We believe everyone deserves a Giant ride, from the adrenaline junkies shredding the North Shore to the weekend warriors cruising the local trails.

So, why choose between loving your ride and loving your bank account? With Giant Bicycles and, you can have your cake and eat it too—preferably while sitting atop a high-tech, beautifully designed bike that didn’t cost the earth.

Come visit us at and see how far your cycling dollar can really go. Remember, life's too short for mediocre bikes and too wonderful not to enjoy the ride on a Giant.

From dirt trails to asphalt adventures, our lineup isn't limited to just mountain bikes; we've got a sprawling selection of Giant road bikes too. Because at MORE BIKES, 'more' isn't just in our name—it's our promise. More variety, more roads, more rides!

MORE BIKES Vancouver BC has a huge selection of Giant Road Bikes at all 3 locations.

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