Mountain biker from tackling the rugged and historical Severed D trail on Mount Seymour, embodying the adventurous legacy of North Shore riding.

The Legacy of Cedar and BC Gold: How North Shore's Mountains Birthed a Biking Revolution

When you hear 'North Shore', it might conjure images of gnarly waves and surfboards, but for mountain bikers, it's synonymous with the rootsy, rocky, and revolutionary trails of Mount Seymour and Mount Fromme. This is where modern freeride was forged in the fire of British Columbia's rugged terrain and where found its inspiration.

Introduction: The Birth of a Movement

Tucked away in the rain-soaked forests of British Columbia, the North Shore isn't just a location; it's a living legend in the mountain biking world. It's the hallowed ground where gravity-defying trails were etched into the mountainsides by the original trailblazers of the sport.

Mount Seymour and Mount Fromme aren't just geographical landmarks; they're the twin temples of technical riding. In the 1980s and '90s, a brave community of riders looked at the looming cedar and Douglas-fir trees, the rugged terrain, and the gnarled roots and saw not obstacles but opportunities. They crafted trails with names that echo through the sport's history: 'Severed Dick', 'Ladies Only', and 'Expresso'. These trails demanded a new kind of riding, a new kind of bike, and a new kind of bravery.

Pioneers and Trailsmiths

These trails didn't build themselves. They were the brainchildren of the North Shore's trailsmiths, the likes of Todd "Digger" Fiander and Wade Simmons, who carved a new path for the sport. These pioneers took the term 'off-road' to heart, creating a labyrinth of stunts and structures that became the blueprint for modern technical trails worldwide.

At, we don't just sell bikes; we celebrate the spirit of these trail-smiths. We recognize the courage it took to drop into those first descents, and we honor the sweat it took to build that first skinny. We remember the legends like 'Dangerous Dan' Cowan, who made the forest his canvas and the bike his brush.

The North Shore Style: A Brand's Birthplace

This enclave of extreme riding gave birth to brands that embody the North Shore's can-do, will-ride spirit. Brands like Rocky Mountain Bicycles took the world by storm, their bikes a testament to the demands of the Shore. At, we stock these legacy brands, understanding that when you mount a North Shore-born bike, you're riding a piece of history. Carrying the Torch

At, we're not just retailers; we're riders too. We've felt the rush of the descent, the triumph of the climb, and the camaraderie of the trail. We're committed to carrying the torch passed down by the North Shore's pioneers. That's why we offer a curated selection of gear that meets the North Shore standard: sturdy, reliable, and ready for the wild.

We invite you to visit our shop or browse our online store to find not just a bike, but a partner for your North Shore adventure. Whether you're a seasoned shredder or a newbie knobby-tire enthusiast, we're here to outfit you for your journey down the trails carved by legends.

Conclusion: A Living Legacy

The story of mountain biking on the North Shore is still being written with every ride, every new trail, and every rider who discovers the joy of riding in these mountains. At, we don't just sell bikes; we sell pieces of a legacy that transformed a sport and inspired a global community.

Come, be a part of this legacy. Let's make history together, one ride at a time.

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