Vittoria - Rubino Pro C G+ Tire

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The Rubino Pro G+ Road Tyre is Vittoria's best all-round tyre, suited to clocking big training miles and intense racing. Using the Graphene+ compound - a revolutionary substance that's only 1 atom thick but 200 times harder than steel and the lightest material known to man - the Rubino Pro G+ Road Tyre provides superb grip and wear resistance.

Fast, Supple, and Grippy Road Tyre

The Graphene+ compound provides a road tyre that delivers the best combination of speed, grip and suppleness. With a slightly thicker tread, the Rubino Pro G+ Road Tyre also comes with extra puncture protection. The Rubino Pro G+ is suitable for all weather conditions, providing excellent wet weather grip.


  • Compound: Graphene+
  • Excellent training or racing tyre, suitable for year-round use
  • Provides excellent grip and durability
  • Wear resistance
  • 3 compounds give the best combination of speed, grip, and suppleness
  • Weight: 200g (650 x 23c), 225g (700 x 23c), 235g (700 x 25c), 245g (700 x 28c)