Brands We Carry - Kona Bike

Kona bicycle celebrated its 30 year-old birthday this year.  Kona originated from Vancouver and is still owned by the same owners since inception.  Kona is not only popular in
Vancouver, but also in the US, Europe and across the world. 

You can find many style of riding in Kona’s popular bike lineup. 

  • Commuter/Hybrid: Dew series
  • Cycle Cross: Jake series, Libre
  • Downhill: Operator
  • XC: Process
  • MTB Hardtails
  • Everyday: Rove series 

And of course, Kona also have bikes for the youth, ranging from Makena, Hula to Process 24. 

More Bikes is the largest Kona dealer in the Greater Vancouver area.  Come and experience a Kona ride your self.